Zoho Integration Instructions

To integrate your Zoho organization with your Workphone organization you need to follow the steps below:
  1. Login with your account to workphone.io.
  2. From the top menu hover your name and from the dropdown select Zoho
  3. Read the instructions. When ready click on the integration url. You’ll be redirected to a Zoho page requesting permissions for the integration. Click "Accept".
  4. You’ll now be redirected back to Workphone but this time instead of integration url you’ll see all the users from your Zoho organization. You’ll need to map each Zoho user to a Workphone user and then enable the integration for the pair.
  5. If you don’t already have Workphone users you’ll need to create some – to do so go to the Users section. Each user needs a unique name, unique primary extension and speed dial. For integrating with Zoho inbound termination (phone number) is needed as well.
  6. One Workphone group will be needed for your Zoho integration. Go to the Groups section and add one group with these settings:
    • Multiline enabled
    • CRM enabled
    • Extension 8888 (or something that works for you)
    • Speed dial 8 (or something that works for you)
    • Ring order – select RING_PARALLEL for parallel ringing or RING_SEQUENTAIL for sequential ringing
    • Select users (Zoho Agents) that will be part of the group
  7. Change the Default extension of your organization. To do so go to Organization section and change the Default extension to the previously added group extension 8888.
  8. Download the Softphone app for each user and use VNE-WORK for activation. Once registered enter the username and password for each user on each of the devices used. For more info regarding the Softphone app, including links go to the Downloads section.
Before making and receiving calls make sure that all phones are properly registered – the status “Virtual Network Element Registered” should appear in each Softphone app when settings are selected. Any phone number in the Numbers section can be used to receive incoming calls.